Société des Missions Africaines

né le 22 avril 1966
dans le diocèse de Newport, Grande-Bretagne
membre de la SMA en 1893
décédé le 26 mai 1895

1891-1893 Lyon, début des études théologiques
reçoit la tonsure et les ordres mineurs
meurt dans sa famille

décédé en Grande Bretagne, le 26 mai 1895,
à l’âge de 29 ans

Monsieur l'abbé Charles James DRISCOLL (1866 - 1895)

En sa famille (Grande-Bretagne), le 26 mai 1895, retour à Dieu de l'abbé Charles James Driscoll, à l'âge de 29 ans.

Charles James Driscoll naquit le 22 avril 1866 dans le diocèse de Newport, en Angleterre. Il fit ses études secondaires à Cork et entra à Lyon en 1891. Il y fit le serment, fut tonsuré et minoré. Malade, il retourna dans sa famille pour y mourir.

Seminarian Charles James DRISCOLL (1866 - 1895)

Charles Driscoll was born of Irish parents in the diocese of Newport, England, on 22 April 1866. He died with his family in England, on 26 May 1895.

We have very little information on Charles and how he was recruited to the Society. We know he commenced his secondary studies in the Society's 'apostolic school' at Blackrock Road, Cork. Charles came to Blackrock in 1887 when he was in his 21st year. The Blackrock property had been purchased in 1880 (with a further purchase in 1882) from a Madame Maria McCarthy (of St. Max, near Nancy) and was the headquarters of the Society in Ireland. The original apostolic school had been located from April 1877 at 'Lough View' on the old Youghal Road, Cork. In October 1877 the school had transferred to 'Elm Grove', in Mayfield. And in the last week of September 1881 the school was moved to Blackrock Road.

The transfer of the school to Wilton took place a year after Charles began his studies. Firm negotiations for the purchase of the Wilton property had been entered into by Joseph Zimmermann, superior of the Irish branch of the Society with a Mr James O'Connor in June 1888. Mr. O'Connor owned a fine, if dilapidated Georgian house, built in 1796 by a Mr Kevin Izod, at Wilton. Mr Izod's daughter, Lucia, had married a Mr. Leslie, a well known banker in Cork. From Mr Leslie, the Wilton property passed to a Mr Good and from him to a Mr O'Connor. The purchase of the property and some 14 acres was finally made by Fr. Zimmermann in July 1888. Renovations were commenced under the direction of a Brother McCarthy; the old Coach House was turned into a chapel, a sanctuary and sacristy being added. The study rooms and a dormitory were built opposite. These renovations were completed by March of the following year; and on Saturday the 23rd of the month the students, including Charles Driscoll, packed their bags and baggage on carts and transferred from their previous residence at Blackrock Road to the new College. On the next day, Sunday the 24th, Mass was said for the first time by Fr Michon, the director of students, in the 'Old Chapel' as it was affectionately called by the old folk around Wilton who used to come to Mass there.

Having completed his secondary education at Wilton, Charles went, as was the custom at that time, to pursue his philosophical and theological studies in the Society's major seminary at Cours Gambetta, Lyon, France. The register shows that he entered the Lyon seminary on 17 September 1891. Two years later, in 1893, he took his oath of membership of the Society, and received minor orders. However his health broke down and he returned to his family to die.

He is buried in England.